Google Reader – Fantastic website to read RSS feeds…

Hi Guys,

I had the opportunity this week to setup a Google Reader account. Google reader is a website that is used to manage and read RSS feeds. The URL is:

As I am familiar with Gmail, I found the user interface of Google Reader to be quite intuitive and easy. Upon creating my Google Reader account, the next step was to simply add the RSS subscription which I wished to subscribe to. This was also a very straight forward and easy process. In order to add other students RSS feeds, the URL’s needed to be entered in manually. I found that this process took the longest time. To my luck, I found a posting by another student to ease this process. She had simply entered in all the URLs, and then exported the configuration to an xml file, which was made available to other students. This xml file could then simply be imported into your Google Reader account, and presto! you were subscribed to all the other student’s RSS feeds in a few simply clicks (as per the screenshot below).



Such a powerful tool as Google reader would provide great benefit in the classroom. It would allow students to stay up to date with other students and teachers blogs quite easy. Google reader can also be used on a mobile device with internet access by simply entering the following URL:

I would encourage all students to further explore Google Reader.


Edmodo – First Impressions….

As part of our initial tasks for EST430, we were introduced to the website Edmodo.

Edmodo is a social network service for both students and teachers. Upon accessing the site, my intial impression of the UI was that it was similar in feel to Facebook. It therefore allows both students and teachers to communicate across a technology medium.

A feature of Edmodo I further investigated was the Library. The Library feature allows the user to store items directly to it (using the library button feature), or adding content from communities and connections (using the library button in the stream). I decided to put the theory into practice. Within our discussion group on Edmodo, there was a posting my Mr.Pearce in regards to Google Reader and RSS. I found his comment to be of value, but I didn’t want to scroll through all the comments again to find it. I simply selected the ‘more’ feature from his comment, and then selected ‘Add Post to Library’. I then received the confirmation ‘Added to Library’. This is a powerful feature as I have found many comments that I can reference directly, without the need to scroll through the whole group conversation again.

Such a powerful feature as the Library would be an invaluable tool in the classroom. It could allow student to discuss assignment details in a group format sessions, and then gives them the ability to store any important postings intotheir library with a simple few clicks of their mouse.


I’m Blogging!

Hi Guys, I’m now officially on-line! This is my first blogging experience and I’ve managed to create both an Edmodo account, and Edublog site. I believe both these tools are extremely powerful, and I’m greatly enjoying learning how to use them – I’ve managed to not only modify a default theme for my blog, but also figured out how to insert links!



Hi Everyone !

My name is Delphine Erdem and I’m a second year university student, studying Bachelor of Education (Primary) at Deakin University.  I am immensely enjoying every aspect of this course so far, and look forward to working at a Primary School teacher in the not too distant future !

I have been fascinated by the impact the world wide web has had in relation to teaching. By studying EST430, I believe I will further enhance my knowledgeset and tools available to enhance my teaching abilities.

This is my very first blog – hopefully you will all find it interesting.

I am looking forward to sharing my blogs, posts and thoughts with my fellow students in the coming weeks!